Why Hire a Wedding Planner

So, you’re planning a wedding! Congratulations, friends! This is a big deal, and there is so much that must be done in preparation for your big day! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t’ worry, it’s totally normal. Planning a wedding when doing it yourself can feel like a full time job, because guess what? It is! That’s why here at Dawn Photo Co. With our years of experience in this industry, we always recommend hiring a wedding planner. Here’s why:

They help you save time and money in the long run:

Planners help you to manage your wedding budget wisely. They can make sure you utilize your wedding budget, no matter how big or small- in the wisest way so that you are able to get the things most important to you, and how to know what things you don’t have to prioritize. Most wedding planners have connections and preferred vendors they work with as well. So sometimes they even get a slight discount just from hiring other vendors through your wedding planner! Wedding planners save you the extra time from having to read the reviews and interview dozens of wedding vendors because they likely already know the ones within your budget/ area personally and will know exactly who to recommend. 

Planning + Coordinating Your Day

Wedding planners are experts at coordinating your day. There are a LOT of moving parts on your day that you likely don’t realize when planning a wedding yourself. Why? Because you only do this once! Whereas planners do this hundreds of times. Coordinating where people should be, vendor arrival times, photo timelines, ceremony and reception timelines, etc etc. The list goes on. It can be very overwhelming trying to handle this all yourself. The downside to not having a wedding planner who is coordinating your day is it also affects your photography. Photographers are not hired to coordinate or organize a day. While this job many times falls on the backs of photographers when there is no planner/coordinator- it’s really not in their job description and takes away from their focus on what you hired them to be there for. A wedding planner can eliminate that stress on both you and your other vendors so you get the most out of each vendor you hire!

They know how to bring your vision to life

One of wedding planners’ many skills is usually being amazing at design. It is a lot more work and skill than looking on pinterest and ordering some decor from amazon, promise you lol. They can sit down with you and create a color palette, aesthetic and overall feeling to your wedding day to make sure it’s a true reflection of what you were envisioning in your head! Plus the work that goes into making sure the vision happens is another job entirely they take on themselves. Trust me, hire the experts at design!

The bottom line

Planning a wedding can be a lot to take on. It’s not always impossible, I know each and every couple has different needs/ desires/ priorities and budgets. But overall, in a season that you really want to enjoy sometimes, the stress of planning can really take from the joy of the experience. With a planner, you can ensure that your focus is on relishing your short engagement season and making it to the altar. While he planning, meeting with vendors, hiring, designing and coordinating all the moving parts- is left to the professionals.

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