Surprising Her Right: A Guide to the Perfect Proposal

Ah, the moment you’ve been dreaming of — the proposal! It’s the chapter in your love story that’s about to become an unforgettable page. At Dawn Photo Co, we believe in celebrating life’s most cherished moments, and there’s nothing quite like the magic of a proposal. We’re here to guide you through the art of crafting the perfect proposal, from choosing the ideal location to ensuring every detail is just right. So, gentlemen, take a deep breath, because we’re about to dive into a world of romance, surprise, and pure joy. Let’s make this moment as beautiful as the love you share!

So you’re proposing to your girl friend, now what?

Choose a location

Location matters. This is going to be forever engrained in your story as the place you got engaged. Is there an already significant place to your story- where you became official, where you first said I love you, your first date, or maybe somewhere new, but incredibly romantic. You know your girl best!

Plan ahead and hire a professional photographer to capture the moment.

Take it from me, (Mikayla)- we don’t have photos from our proposal and oh how I wish I did! I’ll let Justice off the hook this time since he’s given me a bunch of beautiful children and stayed married to me for almost a decade 🤣 but you know- just don’t overlook this important part of your planning.

Depending on your gal, plan something incredible afterward.

Invite family and friends if she’s close with her people, make sure all the people she loves are there to celebrate this HUGE moment she’s dreamt of her whole life. If she’s more introverted and you know she will want it more private, then plan a special evening together to continue riding the high together.

Make sure she is dressed how you know she would want to be.

If she’s low key, down to earth, and you know she won’t care if her hair and makeup are done- great. No sweat. But if you know she’d absolutely kill you if her nails weren’t done, hair wasn’t perfect and makeup wasn’t 100- then make sure you find an excuse to send her to do these things on that day. Consider asking her mom or best friend to plan a “girl date” or spa day or something of the sort. You can get creative, the main point is- DONT GIVE IT AWAY! Play it cool man 😂

That leads us to this last point, make sure it’s a surprise.

Girls want to be known SO well, that you can actually pull off surprising us. Trust me, I get it- our intuition God gifted us with makes it pretty hard. 🤣 But go the extra mile, think about it enough in advance. Get the right people involved with you. Think of all the details going into it. It’ll be so worth it when you see her face!

    This is a moment that’ll begin a lifetime. So, gentlemen, may your proposal be as unique as your love story, and may it be a chapter you both cherish forever. If you’re ready to capture this extraordinary moment, reach out to us for proposal photography that will tell your story in a way that’s as unique as your love. Because at the heart of every perfect proposal is the love you share. Cheers to your next adventure together!

    Happy engagement season friends!
    May the answer be yes! 🙌🏼 🤍🤍

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