3 Things to Start Outsourcing in Your Photography Business to Help With the Overwhelm

Take it from us- you can be a superwoman, but you can’t be a superwoman alone. And let’s face it, the longer you wait to start outsourcing things in your life, the closer to burn out you get. When you’re doing all the things, let’s just admit that none of them are truly done well.

You must learn to trade your money for time if you ever want to break out and reach new heights as a business owner. Lets just take it from the Proverbs 31 woman- who we all should strive to be. 

“She rises while it is yet night

and provides food for her household

and portions for her maidens.”

“portion for her maidens”. (Some translations say servants) The point is- the woman had hired help. 

Here are the top 3 things you can begin outsourcing now, that will have a huge impact on how you are able to show up for your family, your business, and yourself.

Emails/ client management + experience

I know you think no one can answer an email like you. But let me tell you, they can. VA’s (virtual assistants) are quite literally experts at finding your “voice” and learning how to respond to your clients the way that you would respond to them. 

We remember the days of living in a cluttered inbox. Constantly overlooking things, or forgetting to reply. Dozens and dozens of inquiries that literally never get answered because of the overwhelm of doing all the things it takes to run a business- the amount of opportunity and money left on the table is staggering. 

The moment you hire a VA, you will find, like we did, that you actually make all the money back tenfold because you stopped trading your time for money and instead PAID someone to give you your time back.


This one is probably our absolutely favorite thing to outsource. It makes us positively GIDDY when the house gets cleaned from top to bottom once a week. We work more efficiently from home, and it clears the mental fog for both you and your family. You will find yourself more pleasant to be around, and it makes you far more productive while at work when you live in a clean environment.

We know it’s not possible for everyone to handle this the same way. We know some people who can afford it once a month, some people can afford it everyday with a live-in housekeeper. The point is- it’s an easy place to start that makes a world of difference in your life as an entrepreneur. Maybe start with one deep clean and see how you feel. Get on a recurring schedule for 1 x month, then gradually increase as finances allow and as you feel you need. 

Here’s our own personal cleaning business we use- tell them we sent you!


This one can be controversial. We realize we all have different ideas of what motherhood looks like for each of us.

This may vastly change in different stages of your children’s lives. But if you’re running a business, and you’re constantly overwhelmed, on the verge of tears because you cannot find the time to work, edit or focus any time at all on your business or on your children- it’s time for one of two things: 

One; maybe it’s not the season for you to focus on work. And that’s okay, friend. If your family does not rely on your income for survival, maybe it’s time to take a step back and really think about what season God has called you in right now. Taking time off, or putting our passions on the shelf is not a bad thing, although society might tell you otherwise. Sacrifice for your children is always a worthy, selfless gift that will be rewarded in the kingdom one day. And it doesn’t mean the season he’s calling you to now, is the one you will remain in.

Two; if you are the sole, or main income provider for your household and you must work, then it’s an equal and worthy sacrifice to get help with your children whom you love dearly- so that while you are at work you can be fully at work. And while you are with them, you can be fully present with them. Instead of everyone getting only a portion of you.

Just remember, outsourcing and getting the right help in the right areas can be a learning curve. Learning how to relinquish control and allowing someone else to do things for you, can be hard for driven women who feel capable of wearing all the hats. But in the end, hiring help can help you be better at all the things that God has specifically called you to. We were not meant to operate alone- we were meant to operate as a body!

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