5 Reasons to Hire a Videographer

Hey guys, Justice here.

Not hiring a videographer is a personal regret of mine and my wife’s. Especially now that I make wedding films as a living. After crafting hundreds of wedding films for other couples, and seeing what an impact it has on their ability to encapsulate their memories- I can see now in hindsight, what a truly valuable investment it is.

I’ve come up with 5 reasons to help you understand why you should prioritize this once in a lifetime memory keepsake that often gets set on the back burner of the wedding budget.

Memories are even more special in motion.

Have you ever lost a family member and the thing that is most special to you after their passing are the videos you have of them on your phone? Where you can hear their voice, see their mannerism, maybe even remember something about them that otherwise a photograph couldn’t capture? This was especially true for my wife and I after we lost our son, Valor. Man… those memories in film form we have of him… they’re priceless. It’s the same for a wedding film. Your photos are important, but your video will capture important memories that a photography just can’t.

The number one regret most couples have is NOT making video a priority.

Think of it this way, you will never once wake up a day in your life and say, “man, I really regret that we have a wedding video.” But you will definitely wake up one day and say the opposite. Take it from my first hand experience.

Its something your kids and grandkids will want to see one day

One day, you will have your own children, and then grandchildren. The future family you have waiting for you will really appreciate you allowing them to see what it was like “back in your day” when “grandma and grandpa fell in love and got married.” And how cool to have your film as a family heirloom to pass down to your future generations. Come on, timeless nostalgia.

You can truly have an unplugged ceremony 

This is the one that is often overlooked. Having a wedding videographer ensures your ability to truly have an unplugged ceremony because you, and your family will not feel like they will miss anything important. Let the professionals do it for you so you don’t have to stress or worry about missing a moment.

People that weren’t able to attend will feel like they’re able to live the day through the film and feel connected.

Have family from out of state? Or anyone who is too old or too ill to attend? Giving them the gift of being able to relive the day in a wedding film is a priceless gift they will receive from you. Who knows, maybe they’ll even throw in for the fund 😉 

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